profile_roundArtist’s Bio

Kate Jones is a contemporary painter living in Victoria, BC. Growing up in a creative household meant no matter what art form she wanted to try – whether it was sewing a quilt for her doll, making sock puppets and a theatre to house them, carving a little horse from wood, or creating her own newspapers and magazines  – the materials were usually at hand. Eventually her love of colour and images led her to focus her creative passion into painting.

Kate’s medium of choice is acrylic on canvas, which she sometimes combines with collage. Her paintings are expressions of emotion through colour and pattern. Multiple layers of heavy body and fluid acrylic paint are shaped into vibrant life forms, often incorporating calligraphic or graffiti-inspired markings.

Kate has studied painting under Nicholas Pearce, Flora Bowley, Pipi Tustian and others. As a past organizer of “Painters at Painter’s,” an annual art weekend at Painter’s Lodge, Campbell River, BC, she had the opportunity to soak up wisdom from some of British Columbia’s most successful artists including Ted Harrison, Pat Martin Bates, Robert Genn, Grant Leier, Nixie Barton and more. She also has a strong background in calligraphy, having both studied and taught hand lettering.


Artist’s Statement

“While some of my paintings are created with particular emotions or ideas in mind, many come about intuitively, with no intended narrative. I believe that everyone sees art through their own personal “filter” and therefore one image could mean different things to different people. That is why, for the most part, I like to leave the interpretation to the viewer.

“I create through multiple layers of colour and pattern, using both heavy body and fluid acrylics, as well as a variety of mark-making tools. As a lifelong resident of beautiful British Columbia I love the sea and mountain views surrounding my Victoria home, but I am stimulated creatively by urban life, and the connections we have with our surroundings and each other. Other sources of inspiration include graffiti, architecture, poetry, music, film and theatre.

“Through my experiences interviewing women from across Canada for my website, www.creativewomen.ca, I am intrigued by artists who pursue more than one creative outlet, and how those multiple disciplines may, or may not, influence each other. Personally, I draw on my past experience as a calligrapher and often include calligraphic markings, numbers or letters in my work.”




Member of the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria